Federal government construction contracts


    • Bastianelli, Adrian L.
    • Ness, Andrew D.
    • West, Joseph D.


Federal government construction contracts

Adrian L. Bastianelli III, Andrew D. Ness, and Joseph D. West, editors

Forum on the Construction Industry, American Bar Association, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Written by many of the top experts in government contracts and construction law, this new book, with over 600 pages, contains detailed analysis and citations in all areas of the government construction contract law including: Formation: use of the FARs, sealed bidding, competitive negotiation, design-build, IDIQ contracts, bid protests, and socioeconomic issues; Performance: changes, differing site conditions, delay, subcontracting, termination for convenience and default, pricing of claims, and payment; Dispute Resolution: claim procedures, litigation, false claims, ADR, and EAJA; Most construction lawyers will handle government contract matters at some point in their careers. This book will provide the construction lawyer, consultant, and contractor who are not experts in government contract law with the basic knowledge and a road map of federal government construction contracting regulations and case law that will allow them to avoid the problems and pitfalls of government contracting. The book also provides in-depth coverage of government construction contracting by top government contract lawyers. As a result, it will provide the experienced government contract practitioner with a sophisticated analysis of the issues and a source of case law and regulations. It will be a ready reference that the government construction contract lawyer will want to keep nearby.

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