International law and U.S. foreign policy


International law and U.S. foreign policy

Carl Q. Christol

University Press of America, c2007

2nd, rev. ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The second, revised edition of International Law and U.S. Foreign Policy deals with America's most critical international problems, including new chapters on U.S. immigration policy; U.S. oil policy; and terrorism, unlawful detainees, and torture. More broadly, this comprehensive text examines the relationship between international law and important foreign policy decisions, including international criminal tribunals, the human environment and climate change, anti-personnel land mines, arms control and disarmament, the Middle East peace process, and the Iraq crisis from 2002-2006. These issues are presented with the aid of case studies, statutes, international agreements, and the views of leading scholars and jurists.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgements Part 3 Introduction Chapter 4 I. The Scope of International Law: A Definition and Treaties Chapter 5 II. U.S. Foreign Policy Chapter 6 III. Terrorism, Foreign Policy, and the Law Chapter 7 IV. International Criminal Tribunals Chapter 8 V. The Human Environment and Climate Change Chapter 9 VI. Anti-Personnel Land Mines: Unilateralism Prevails Chapter 10 VII. Arms Control and Disarmament Chapter 11 VIII. Immigration and United States Foreign Policy Chapter 12 IX. The Middle East Peace Process Chapter 13 X. The Iraq Crisis of 2002-2006: Legal and Political Issues Chapter 14 XI. Unites States Oil Policy and National Security Chapter 15 XII. Terrorism, Enemy Combatants, and Torture Chapter 16 XIII. Conclusion Part 17 Addendum

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