Reform in Europe : breaking the barriers in government


    • Heyse, Liesbet


Reform in Europe : breaking the barriers in government

edited by Liesbet Heyse ... [et al.]

Ashgate, c2006

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Includes bibliographical references and index



One of the most prevailing myths within the social sciences is the difficulty of achieving reform. Governments are either unwilling to push for reform or if they are willing, they are unable to do so. This volume illustrates that reform is not so miraculous at it may seem as reform does happen. Through carefully selected case studies, this book informs readers of reforms in several policy sectors and countries such as the smoking bans in Ireland, public housing in the Netherlands and asylum procedures in Germany. Designed to enhance our understanding of the reform process, this volume is highly suited to courses on the public administration and policy.


  • The myths of reform, Duco Bannink and Sandra Resodihardjo
  • The 1984 reform of the European Dairy Policy: financial crisis, French leadership, and the reappraisal of the EC's core values, Gerard Breeman
  • The rewards of policy legacy: why Dutch social housing did not follow the British path, Taco Brandsen and Jan-Kees Helderman
  • The introduction of national quality policies: a comparison of Denmark and the Netherlands, Mirjan Oude Vrielink, Van Heffen, Wendy van der Kraan & Bente Bjornholt
  • Reforming Germany's constitutional right to asylum: a shifting paradigm, Fleur Alink
  • The Republic of Ireland's ban on smoking in the workplace: reframing the smoking issue, Melvyn Read
  • The reform of Dutch disability insurance: a crisis-induced shift of preferences and possibilities, Duco Bannink, Sanneke Kuipers and Tineke Lantink
  • Modernizing English local government: Voice, loyality, and exit in the demise of the committee system, Francesca Gains
  • District development planning in Heidelberg: realizing change through political leadership and community involvement, Michael Haus
  • Safety policy reform in Rotterdam: changing priorities in big city governance, Julien van Ostaaijen and Frank Hendriks
  • Explaining reform in Europe: comparison, patterns and reflections, Liesbet Heyse, Berber Lettinga and Martijn Groenleer
  • Epilogue: friction, resistance, and breakthroughs, Frank Baumgartner
  • Appendix to chapter 11
  • List of contributors
  • Index.

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