Unsung heroes of animation


    • Robinson, Chris


Unsung heroes of animation

Chris Robinson

John Libbey publishing, c2005

  • : pbk

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Includes filmographies



"When future cinema archaeologists dig deep into the history of the art form that was animation, and its artists, during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, this excellent collection of insightful biographical essays by Chris Robinson, a modern Vasari, will provide invaluable illumination.... Robinson is the perfect guide, viewing as he does over 1,000 animated films a year. His book focuses on a world of little-known, fiercely independent contemporary animators. Robinson writes with keen perception and a critical eye; he is sincere, compassionate, and always passionate about his subjects, many of whom push the borders of film content and technique wide open. His infailingly evocative descriptions of the works make one hungry to see them." John Canemaker"


  • 1. Raimund Krumme: The powers that be
  • 2. Angst for the memories: Stefan Schabenbeck
  • 3. George Griffin's complicated cartoons
  • 4. Rene Jodoin: Philosopher functionaire 5. Being Igor Kovalyov
  • 6. Fat chicks and imbeciles: The films of Priit Parn
  • 7. There once was a man called Pjotr Sapegin
  • 8. Dogs, drinks, Dads and Dante: The life and art of Paul Fierlinger
  • 9. Where memories breathe darkness: Underneath the hat of Michele Cournover
  • 10. Ryan Larkin: Trapped in the addictive allure of illusions
  • 11. Stripmalls, hookers and dead people: Songs of the quickdraw animation society
  • 12. Fragments of home: The brothers Quay
  • 13. If I forget thee, Lenica
  • 14. Between good and evil: Piotr Dumula's Crime and punishment
  • 15. The spectacular sounds and images of Studio Filmtecknarna
  • 16. Pierre Hebert and animation in the age of digital reproduction
  • 17. Masculinity in crisis: The animated films of Andreas Hykade
  • 18. Thou shalt covet Phil Mulloy
  • 19. David Ehrlich: Excavation of a flawed soul
  • 20. Steven Woloshen's fun with science
  • 21. The odysseys of Mati Kutt
  • 22. A moment, please: Koji Yamamura
  • 23. Ode to Martha Colburn
  • 24. Fragments of Stephanie Maxwell
  • 25. JJ Villard: An angel betrayed
  • 26. Signe Baumane: Woman mountain horndog world
  • 27. Roughing it in the bush
  • 28. Bathing in the sunlight of Dennis Tupicoff
  • 29. Gianluigi Toccafondo's puppet consortia denied
  • 30. Sullivan's travels
  • 31. Ruth Lingford: Old halo coffins layered

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