The structure of economics : a mathematical analysis



The structure of economics : a mathematical analysis

Eugene Silberberg, Wing Suen

(McGraw-Hill international editions, . Economic series)(McGraw-Hill higher education)

McGraw-Hill, 2001

3rd ed

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This text combines mathematical economics with microeconomic theory and can be required or recommended as part of a course in graduate microeconomic theory, advanced undergraduate or graduate-level mathematical economics, or any advanced topics course. It also has reference value for international, library, professional and reference markets. This revision addresses significant new topics--the theory of contracts and markets with imperfect information--that have recently become prominent in the microeconomics literature.


1. Comparative Statics and the Paradigm of Economics 2. Review of Calculus (One Variable) 3. Functions of Several Variables 4. Profit Maximization 5. Matrices and Determinants 6. Comparative Statics: The Traditional Methodology 7. The Envelope Theorem and Duality 8. The Derivation of Cost functions 9. Cost and Production Functions: Special Topics 10. The Derivation of Consumer Demand Functions 11. Special topics in Consumer Theory 12. Intertemporal Choice 13. Behavior under Uncertainty 14. Maximization with Inequality and Nonnegativity Constraints 15. Contracts and Incentives* 16. Markets with Imperfect Information* 17. General Equilibrium I: Linear Models 18. General Equilibrium II: Nonlinear Models 19. Welfare Economics 20. Resource Allocation over Time: Optimal Control theory *New Chapter

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