European Union law : 2007-2008


European Union law : 2007-2008

Mike Cuthbert

(The Cavendish Q & A series)

Routledge/Cavendish, 2007

6th ed

  • : pbk


European Union law

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Previous ed.: 2003

Includes index



Part of the bestselling "Q&A" series, the sixth edition of this popular book offers a clear and concise outline of an often confusing topic. Reader-friendly, it has been updated following the enlargement of the EU to twenty-five member states and takes into account the signed but not ratified Constitution Treaty 2004 and its possible impact. Illustrating how best to transfer information learnt on an EU law course into a good examination answer which draws upon a number of topics, "Q&A European Union Law 2006-2007" includes fifty sample questions, answer plans and answers and lucidly outlines the differences between the terminology and general approach of EU law compared to common law. Key cases and legislation covered in this edition comprise: Constitution for Europe Treaty 2004; Citizens' Free Movement Rights Directive 2004/38; Equal Treatment Directive 2002/73; and, Alabaster v Woolwich plc, Chen v Secretary of State for the Home Department, Bacardi-Martini v Newcastle United FC, R (on the application of British American Tobacco) v Secretary of State for Health. It is an invaluable resource and revision aid for students studying European Union law and those taking a professional qualification.


  • Community Institutions
  • Sources of Law
  • EC Law and National Law
  • Judicial Remedies and Review (1): Direct Actions
  • Judicial Remedies and Review (2): Indirect Action - Preliminary References
  • The Free Movement of Goods
  • Competition Policy
  • The Free Movement of Workers
  • The Freedom of Establishment and the Freedom to Provide Services
  • Freedom from Discrimination
  • External Relations
  • The Internal Market and Beyond.

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