Leadership basics for librarians and information professionals


Leadership basics for librarians and information professionals

G. Edward Evans, Patricia Layzell Ward

Scarecrow Press, 2007

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With the start of the 21st Century, information services around the world are facing a host of challenges and changes unique to this era of exponential technological growth. However, this change is further compounded by the high turnover rate in senior positions. Focusing on leadership, this text-ideal for young, emerging managers and supervisors-guides future leaders in making the appropriate choices and decisions in response to and in anticipation of the competition. Authors G. Edward Evans and Patricia Layzell Ward's vast professional experience in a variety of roles and organizations all over the world serves as a strong basis for the advice presented. Leadership Basics for Librarians and Information Professionals includes data from surveys and interviews of leaders in archives, libraries, and other information services arenas, as well as current literature on leadership from both general management and information services fields. All together this book is a solid starting point for young librarians and information professionals seeking to get ahead of the competition, as well as a helpful reminder for seasoned leaders needing a bit of inspiration.


Foreword Preface Part 1: Background 1 Thinking about Leadership 2 Leadership: Past, Present, and Future 3 Developing your Leadership Abilities Part 2: Developing Leadership Skills 4 Creating a High-Performing Team 5 Honing Political Skills 6 Thinking and Acting Strategically 7 E-Leadership Part 3: The Experience of Leadership 8 It Isn't Always Easy 9 Crucial Success Factors Index About the Authors

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