Green infrastructure : linking landscapes and communities


    • Benedict, Mark A.
    • McMahon, Edward


Green infrastructure : linking landscapes and communities

Mark A. Benedict, Edward T. McMahon

Island Press, c2006

  • : cloth
  • : pbk

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"The Conservation Fund."

Includes bibliographical references (p. [287]-288) and index

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  • Why green infrastructure?
  • The green infrastructure approach : principles from past to present
  • The benefits of a green infrastructure approach
  • Where do we begin?
  • The basics of network design
  • The implementation quilt : matching available resources to network needs
  • Management and stewardship
  • Building support for green infrastructure
  • Making it happen



With illustrative and detailed examples drawn from throughout the country, "Green Infrastructure" advances smart land conservation: largescale thinking and integrated action to plan, protect and manage our natural and restored lands. From the individual parcel to the multistate region, "Green Infrastructure" helps each of us look at the landscape in relation to the many uses it could serve, for nature and people, and determine which use makes the most sense. In this wide-ranging primer, leading experts in the field provide a detailed how-to for planners, designers, landscape architects, and citizen activists.

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