Learning legal rules : a student's guide to legal method and reasoning


Learning legal rules : a student's guide to legal method and reasoning

James A Holland, Julian S Webb ; foreword by Lord Templeman

Oxford University Press, c2006

6th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Among the many new skills law students have to acquire, using legal method and solving legal problems are possibly the most important. Yet all too often these legal skills are ignored, and it is assumed that students will acquire them as they progress through their course. Learning Legal Rules brings together the theory, structure, and practice of legal reasoning in a readily accessible style. The book explains how to uncover and exploit the mysteries of legal materials. This is then used to draw the student into the techniques of legal analysis and argument and the operation of precedent and statutory interpretation. Throughout the book the authors also examine the importance of human rights and the permeating influence of EC.Online Resource Centre Lecturer resources Test bank - a ready-made electronic testing resource which can be customised to your teaching needs feedback Seminar problems - additional seminar exercises to support teaching VLE Content Student resources Gudiance on answering legal problems - working examples of how a lawyer has to approach the material available Guidance on essay writing - supplements the materials available in chapters 2 and 3 Self-test questions - enables students to test their knowledge of issues covered in the book Web links - links to other useful websites Guidance notes on statutory interpretation and case law analysis - an exercise combining elements of case law analysis, reading statutes and statutory interpretation


  • 1. Understanding the law
  • 2. Finding the law
  • 3. Reading the law
  • 4. Law, fact, and language
  • 5. The doctrine of judicial precedent
  • 6. How precedent operates: ratio decidendi and obiter dictum
  • 7. Making sense of statutes
  • 8. Interpreting statutes
  • 9. 'Bringing rights home': legal method and convention rights
  • 10. European legal method
  • 11. Exploiting legal reasoning

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