Lab-on-a-chip : miniaturized systems for (bio)chemical analysis and synthesis



Lab-on-a-chip : miniaturized systems for (bio)chemical analysis and synthesis

edited by R. Edwin Oosterbroek, Albert van den Berg

Elsevier, 2003

2nd ed


Lab-on-a-chip : Miniaturized systems for biochemical analysis and synthesis

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In the past ten years there has been a rapid growth of the research and application area known as Lab-on-a-Chip. After an initial focus on electrokinetic separation techniques on chip, the scope of the field has widened to include topics like microfluidics, DNA analysis, cell analysis, microreactors and mass spectrometer interfacing. As well as the analytical chemistry community, synthetic chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists and biomedical engineers are now also becoming more and more interested in using new micro- and nanotechnological techniques. This first Lab-on-a-Chip book contains a broad collection of papers on microtechnology, microfluidics, analytical methods and applications. All contributions are written by leading researchers in their respective fields, and provide new scientists with an overview of the field, to make him/her aware of the enormous opportunities offered by modern technology. The work presented in this book will definitely stimulate readers to new ideas and concepts, and lead to further innovations in this area.


I TECHNOLOGIES Hydrogels and polymers as components of a lab on a chip Microreplication technologies for polymer-based TAS applications Silicon and glass micromachining for TAS Surface chemistry in polymer microfluidic systems Plastic microfluidic devices: electrokinetic manipulations, life science applications, and production technologies II METHODS Transverse diffusion in microfluidic systems Nanoliter and picoliter liquid handling Micro sequential injection system for monitoring of metabolites extruded by cultured cells III CELL- AND BEAD-BASED SYSTEMS Handling of beads in microfluidic devices for biotech applications Particles and molecules handling in micro channels Cell counting and cell sizing in microstructures IV APPLICATIONS Microfabricated capillary array electrophoresis: implementation and applications Microfluidic systems for analysis of the proteome with mass spectrometry Interfacing TAS to matrix assisted laser desorption time-of-flight masspectrometry - MALDI-TOF MS Micro integrated chemical systems for general use Synthesis in micro reactors using electro-osmotic flow Biochips aiming at advanced medical treatment BioMEMS for drug delivery applications

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