Huck's raft : a history of American childhood


Huck's raft : a history of American childhood

Steven Mintz

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2006, c2004

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"First Harvard University Press paperback edition, 2006"---T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. [387]-436) and index



For more than three centuries, adults have agonised over raising children, while children have followed their own paths to development and expression. Steven Mintz gives us a comprehensive history of American childhood encompassing both the child's and the adult's tumultuous early years of life.


Preface Prologue 1. Children of the Covenant 2. Red, White, and Black in Colonial America 3. Sons and Daughters of Liberty 4. Inventing the Middle-Class Child 5. Growing Up in Bondage 6. Childhood Battles of the Civil War 7. Laboring Children 8. Save the Child 9. Children under the Magnifying Glass 10. New to the Promised Land 11. Revolt of Modern Youth 12. Coming of Age in the Great Depression 13. Mobilizing Children for World War II 14. In Pursuit of the Perfect Childhood 15. Youthquake 16. Parental Panics and the Reshaping of Childhood 17. The Unfinished Century of the Child Notes Index

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