Which ad pulled best? : 40 case histories on how to write and design ads that work



Which ad pulled best? : 40 case histories on how to write and design ads that work

Scott C. Purvis, Philip Ward Burton

(Irwin/McGraw-Hill series in marketing)

McGraw-Hill/Irwin, c2003

9th ed

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"Which Ad Pulled Best?, 9e" is a brief workbook that serves as a supplement for the Principles of Marketing and Advertising courses. It provides the opportunity for professors to demonstrate, and students to apply, concepts to analyze what makes effective advertising. The book consists of 80 recent ads, divided into 40 pairs. Students apply marketing and advertising concepts and critical thinking skills to decide the effectiveness of each ad pair and then decide which ad indeed pulled best. The currency of the ads, interviews from professionals in the field, and low text price make this an effective and efficient supplement in Marketing and Advertising courses. This book is intended for student use only. No answers are available within the book. A separate answer book is available for instructors.


Chapter 1: The Who-What-How of Testing Printed Advertising Chapter 2: It's the Benefit: Analysis of Which Ad Pulled Best? Examples Reveal How to Make Advertisements Pull Better Chapter 3: What to Do to Get Attention, Create Desire, and Get Action When You Write Advertisements Chapter 4: PACT Principles of Copy Testing Chapter 5: Interviews with Experts:Answers to Common and Important Questions about Advertising Chapter 6: 40 Sets of Consumer Advertisements Tested by Gallup & Robinson

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