Handbook of conducting polymers


    • Skotheim, Terje A.
    • Reynolds, John R.


Handbook of conducting polymers

edited by Terje A. Skotheim, John R. Reynolds

CRC Press, c2007

3rd ed.

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Learn how recent advances are fueling new possibilities in textiles, optics, electronics, and biomedicine! As the field of conjugated, electrically conducting, and electroactive polymers has grown, the Handbook of Conducting Polymers has been there to document and celebrate these changes along the way. Now split into two volumes, this new edition continues to provide the expertise of world-renowned contributors while maintaining the clear format of previous editions as it incorporates the latest developments in both the fundamental science and practical applications of polymers. The first volume in the set focuses on the concepts and basic physical aspects needed to understand the behavior and performance of conjugated polymers. The book describes the theories behind -conjugated materials and electron-lattice dynamics in organic systems. It also details synthesis methods and electrical and physical properties of the entire family of conducting polymers. Picking up where the first volume left off, the second volume concentrates on the numerous processing methods for conducting polymers and their integration into various devices and applications. It first examines coating, printing, and spinning methods for complex patterned films and fibers. The book then shows how conducting and semiconducting polymers are applied in many devices, such as light-emitting displays, solar cells, field effect transistors, electrochromic panels, charge storage devices, biosensors, and actuators. As the science of conjugated and conducting polymers progresses, further applications will be realized, fueling greater possibilities in textiles, optics, electronics, and biomedicine. This handbook will be there to provide essential information on polymers as well as the most up-to-date developments.


Volume 1: Conjugated Polymers: Theory, Synthesis, Properties, and Characterization PART 1: THEORY OF CONJUGATED POLYMERS On the Transport, Optical, and Self-Assembly Properties of -Conjugated Materials: A Combined Theoretical/Experimental Insight D. Beljonne, J. Cornil, V. Coropceanu, D.A. da Silva Filho, V. Geskin, R. Lazzaroni, P. Leclere, and J.-L. Bredas Theoretical Studies of Electron-Lattice Dynamics in Organic Systems S. Stafstroem PART 2: SYNTHESIS AND CLASSES OF CONJUGATED POLYMERS Helical Polyacetylene Synthesized in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals K. Akagi Synthesis and Properties of Poly(arylene vinylene)s A.C. Grimsdale and A.B. Holmes Blue-Emitting Poly(para-Phenylene)-Type Polymers E.J.W. List and U. Scherf Poly(paraPhenyleneethynylene)s and Poly(aryleneethynylene)s: Materials with a Bright Future U.H.F. Bunz Polyaniline Nanofibers: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications J. Huang and R.B. Kaner Recent Advances in Polypyrrole S.H. Cho, K.T. Song, and J.Y. Lee Regioregular Polythiophenes M. Jeffries-El and R.D. McCullough Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene)-Scientific Importance, Remarkable Properties, and Applications S. Kirchmeyer, K. Reuter, and J.C. Simpson Thienothiophenes: From Monomers to Polymers G.A. Sotzing, V. Seshadri, and F.J. Waller Low Bandgap Conducting Polymers S.C. Rasmussen and M. Pomerantz Advanced Functional Polythiophenes Based on Tailored Precursors P. Blanchard, P. Leriche, P. Frere, and J. Roncali Structure-Property Relationships and Applications of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes K.S. Schanze and X. Zhao PART 3: PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CONJUGATED POLYMERS Insulator-Metal Transition and Metallic State in Conducting Polymers A.J. Epstein One-Dimensional Charge Transport in Conducting Polymer Nanofibers A.N. Aleshin and Y.W. Park Structure Studies of - and - Conjugated Polymers M.J. Winokur Electrochemistry of Conducting Polymers P. Audebert and F. Miomandre Internal Fields and Electrode Interfaces in Organic Semiconductor Devices: Noninvasive Investigations via Electroabsorption T.M. Brown and F. Cacialli Electrochromism of Conjugated Conducting Polymers A.L. Dyer and J.R. Reynolds Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymers M.P. de Jong, G. Greczyniski, W. Osikowicz, R. Friedlein, X. Crispin, M. Fahlman, and W.R. Salaneck Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics and Laser Action in -ConjugatedSemiconductors Z. Valy Vardeny and O. Korovyanko Volume 2: Conjugated Polymers: Processing and Applications PART 1: PROCESSING OF CONJUGATED POLYMERS Conductive Polymers as Organic Nanometals B. Wessling Conducting Polymer Fiber Production and Applications I.D. Norris and B.R. Mattes Inkjet Printing and Patterning of PEDOT-PSS: Application to Optoelectronic Devices Y. Yoshioka and G.E. Jabbour Printing Organic Electronics on Flexible Substrates N.D. Robinson and M. Berggren PART 2: APPLICATIONS AND DEVICES BASED ON CONJUGATED POLYMERS Polymers for Use in Polymeric Light-Emitting Diodes: Structure-Property Relationships H. Christian-Pandya, S. Vaidyanathan, and M. Galvin Organic Electro-Optic Materials L.R. Dalton Conjugated Polymer Electronics-Engineering Materials and Devices N. Tessler, J. Veres, O. Globerman, N. Rappaport, Y. Preezant, Y. Roichman, O. Solomesch, S. Tal, E. Gershman, M. Adler, V. Zolotarev, V. Gorelik, and Y. Eichen Electrical Bistable Polymer Films and Their Applications in Memory Devices J. Ouyang, C.-W. Chu, R.J. Tseng, A. Prakash, and Y. Yang Electroactive Polymers for Batteries and Supercapacitors J.A. Irvin, D.J. Irvin, and J.D. Stenger-Smith Conjugated Polymer-Based Photovoltaic Devices A.J. Mozer and N.S. Sariciftci Biomedical Applications of Inherently Conducting Polymers (ICPs),P.C. Innis, S.E. Moulton, and G.G. Wallace Biosensors Based on Conducting Electroactive Polymers S. Brahim, A.M. Wilson, and A. Guiseppi-Elie Optical Biosensors Based on Conjugated Polymers K. Peter, R. Nilsson, and O. Inganas Conjugated Polymers for Microelectromechanical and Other Microdevices G.M. Spinks and E. Smela Corrosion Protection Using Conducting Polymers D.E. Tallman and G.P. Bierwagen Artificial Muscles T.F. Otero

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