Selected lexical and grammatical issues in the meaning-text theory : in honour of Igor Melʾčuk


Selected lexical and grammatical issues in the meaning-text theory : in honour of Igor Melʾčuk

edited by Leo Wanner

(Studies in language companion series / series editors, Werner Abraham, Michael Noonan, v. 84)

John Benjamins, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The Meaning Text Theory (MTT) is a lexicon-centred and dependency-based theory for the description of language using a holistic model that incorporates semantics, syntax, morphology and lexis. This volume, prepared on the occasion of Igor Mel'cuk's 70th birthday, offers a cross-section of the current advances in MTT and its applications. The first part of the book focuses on lexical phenomena that are still largely neglected in mainstream linguistics: sound symbolism as manifested by ideophones, and idiosyncratic lexical relations as manifested by lexical functions (LFs). In particular, LFs are addressed from different angles (including the introduction of new "standard" LFs, the argument structure and semantic decomposition of lexical relations captured by LFs, automatic recognition of LF-instances in corpora, and the use of LFs in terminology and natural language processing). The second part of the book deals with such prominent model-oriented issues as semantic paraphrasing in MTT, the role of phrase structure in MTT and syntactic analysis within MTT.


  • 1. Preface (by Wanner, Leo)
  • 2. What to Do with the Ideophones? A Problem in Lexical Classification From Upper Necaxa Totonac (by Beck, David)
  • 3. Lexical Function Standardness (by Polguere, Alain)
  • 4. Towards the Synthesis of Support Verb Constructions (by Alonso Ramos, Margarita)
  • 5. Motivation of Lexical Association in Collocations: The Case of Intensifiers For "Nouns of Joy" (by Grossmann, Francis)
  • 6. Using Explanatory and Combinatorial Lexicology to Describe terms (by L'Homme, Marie-Claude)
  • 7. Lexical Functions in Actual NLP-Applications (by Apresjan, Jury D.)
  • 8. Automatic Recognition of Lexical Function Instances (by Wanner, Leo)
  • 9. Semantic Equivalence Rules in MT-Paraphrasing (by Milicevic, Jasmina)
  • 10. Phrasing It Differently (by Gerdes, Kim)
  • 11. A Generative Approach to Parsing in the Framework of the Meaning-Text Theory (by Nasr, Alexis)
  • 12. Subject Index
  • 13. Name Index

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