Waltzing again : new and selected conversations with Margaret Atwood


    • Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
    • Ingersoll, Earl G.


Waltzing again : new and selected conversations with Margaret Atwood

edited by Earl G. Ingersoll

Ontario Review Press, c2006

  • : pbk.

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Includes index


  • Dissecting the way a writer works / Graeme Gibson
  • A question of metamorphosis / Linda Sandler
  • My mother would rather skate than scrub floors / Joyce Carol Oates
  • Dancing on the edge of the precipice / Joyce Carol Oates
  • Defying distinctions / Karla Hammond
  • Articulating the mute / Karla Hammond
  • Using what you're given / Jo Brans
  • Tightrope-waling over Niagara Falls / Geoff Hancock
  • Waltzing again / Earl G. Ingersoll
  • There are no texts without life / Beryl Langer
  • Opening a door onto a completely unknown space / Mary Morris
  • The beaver's tale / Bruce Meyer and Brian O'Riordan
  • The ancient mariner experience of writing, and reading / James McElroy
  • Struggling with your angel / Beth Richards
  • Fining the inner silence to listen / Gabrielle Meltzer
  • To write is to wrestle with an angel in the mud / Rudolf Bader
  • Not a cash crop / John Stone
  • Starting with the back shelves of the museum / Rebecca Garron
  • Letting the words do the work / Evan Solomon
  • Fifty-two ways of making butter / Ann Heilmann and Debbie Taylor
  • Awaiting the perfect storm / Martin Halliwell