Engaging autism : using the floortime approach to help children relate, communicate, and think


    • Greenspan, Stanley I.
    • Wieder, Serena


Engaging autism : using the floortime approach to help children relate, communicate, and think

Stanley I. Greenspan, Serena Wieder

(A Merloyd Lawrence book)

Da Capo Lifelong Books, c2006

  • : hbk.

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This is the long-awaited publication of Stanley Greenspan's revolutionary ideas on how to treat autism. Stanley Greenspan's work has long been known to all who are engaged in early intervention with autistic children, and to professionals and proactive parents who follow his research. Now, his work is about to break upon a larger scene, as the incidence of the problem rises, and Greenspan's unique developmental model is shown to have more success than the traditional behavioural approaches. Two exciting aspects distinguish Greenspan's approach: first, it is much more optimistic, showing that children with signs of autism or autistic spectrum disorders do not have a fixed, limited potential, but in many cases can join their peers and lead full, psychologically healthy lives. Secondly, his approach can be applied at a much earlier stage, when early signs appear. Thus the possibility of preventing the full development of autism is now raised. The book itself will be very straightforward: a new definition of autistic spectrum disorders, guidance for diagnosis and avoiding misdiagnosis, ways to recognize early signs, treatment guidelines, case stories and help for a number of particular challenges in relationships, language, social skills and disruptive symptoms. Unique features of this comprehensive guide include: new definition of autism; myths about autism; approaches to prevention; how to avoid misdiagnosis; earliest and ongoing signs of autism; first steps for families; new and optimistic goals for children with ASD (autistic spectrum disorders); effective help for older children and adults with ASD; floortime approach - step by step; how to design a comprehensive programme to fit each individual child; overcoming difficult symptoms such as repetitive behaviour, self-stimulation and aggression; and new research on causes and treatment outcomes.

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