Contesting communities : the transformation of workplace charity


Contesting communities : the transformation of workplace charity

Emily Barman

Stanford University Press, 2006

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 167-192) and index



Is "community" in America in decline? If so, does this mean that charitable giving in the United States is also in decline? In this innovative and original work, Emily Barman offers new insights into this important issue. Analyzing workplace charity in different cities across the United States, Contesting Communities shows that while traditional notions of community might be in decline, new types and visions of community have emerged. Barman traces how these different "communities" take the form of organizational competition between the United Way and new alternative fundraisers over workplace contributions. Deftly blending sociological theory of organizations with archival research, interviews with nonprofit leaders, and original survey data, Contesting Communities ultimately shows that the meaning of community occurs almost incidentally to the wishes of those who give and the needs of those who receive.


Contents Acknowledgments vii 1 The Question of Community 1 2 The United Way and a Community of Place 00 3 Alternative Funds and Communities of Purpose 00 4 The Emergence of Alternative Funds 00 5 Contestations over Entry 000 6 Chicago: The Persistence of a Community of Place 000 7 San Francisco: The Ascendancy of Communities of Purpose 000 8 Community, Charitable Giving, and the Nonprofit Sector 000 Notes 000 References 000 Index 000

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