Challenging science and literacy activities for K-9 students : the cricket chronicles


    • Matthews, Catherine


Challenging science and literacy activities for K-9 students : the cricket chronicles

Catherine E. Matthews

Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2006

Teacher ed


Cricket chronicles

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Here is an extensive integrated unit of study focused on that common and familiar insect-the cricket. In this edition, teachers are given a complete guide and reproducible worksheets for elementary and middle school students. With over 30 different activities on crickets, students learn science content and skills including: * Taxonomy * Anatomy * Ecology * Mark and recapture techniques for estimating population size * Reading biological distribution maps, and * Caring for living organisms in the classroom Many activities involve hands-on science investigations while other activities involve reading, writing, and using graphic organizers to compare crickets to kids and other insects. This book includes learning logs, which can serve as an assessment tool for the teacher and technological applications such as cricket songs, which can be downloaded and played in the classroom. Everything a teacher needs to know or do to successfully teach this unit is covered in this teacher edition. It is perfectly designed for classrooms of any size and is an original and fun alternative to the typical science curriculum. See also:Challenging Science and Literacy Activities for K-9 Students - The Cricket Chronicles, Student Edition


Chapter 3 Finding Crickets and Describing Cricket Habitats Chapter 4 Respecting Crickets Chapter 5 Counting Crickets that Live in Your Schoolyard Chapter 6 Counting Crickets Again and Collecting Crickets Chapter 7 Designing and Creating Cricket Habitats Chapter 8 Reading about Crickets Chapter 9 Comparing Kids and Crickets Chapter 10 Looking at Crickets Chapter 11 Constructing Models of Crickets Chapter 12 Reading More about Crickets & Using Cricket Words Chapter 13 Coloring Cricket Body Parts Chapter 14 Identifying Cricket Story Parts Chapter 15 Finding Cricket Habitat Preferences Chapter 16 Cricket Connoisseurs Chapter 17 Thinking about Feeding Crickets & Feeding Crickets Chapter 18 Lifestyles of Crickets Chapter 19 Measuring and Comparing Leg Lengths Chapter 20 Jumping Crickets Chapter 21 Singing or Chirping, Chirping or Singing Chapter 22 Chirping Crickets Chapter 23 Reading About Chirping Crickets: Fact and Fiction Chapter 24 Readers' Theater: Crickets on Call Chapter 25 Cricket Life Cycles Chapter 26 Molting Nymphs/Aging Crickets Chapter 27 Crickets in Our Country Chapter 28 Crickets around the World: So Many Ways to Say "Cricket" Chapter 29 Naming Crickets Chapter 30 Cricket Conference: A Humanities Symposium Chapter 31 Cricket Conference: A Scientific Symposium Chapter 32 The Singing Insects Chapter 33 Songs of the Singers

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