Coaching youth baseball



Coaching youth baseball

American Sport Education Program

Human Kinetics, c2007

4th ed

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"Official handbook of USA Baseball" -- T.p.

Previous ed., copyrighted: 1993, 1996 and 2001



Over 50,000 copies of previous editions sold worldwide. This work is aimed at youth baseball coaches of children aged 14 and under. This is a practical and easy-to-use resource that will help coaches of young players understand how to prepare and implement a successful programme. It provides age-specific tips throughout the book to help coaches teach children at all levels. It utilises both drills and games to make practices more fun and effective. It is enhanced with high-quality photos depicting correct technique. Expertise is provided by USA Baseball.


  • Chapter 1: Stepping Into Coaching
  • Chapter 2: Communicating As a Coach
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Rules and Equipment
  • Chapter 4: Providing for Players' Safety
  • Chapter 5: Making Practices Fun and Practical
  • Chapter 6: Teaching and Shaping Skills
  • Chapter 7: Coaching Offense
  • Chapter 8: Coaching Defense
  • Chapter 9: Coaching on Game Day
  • Chapter 10: Developing Season and Practice Plans.

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