Playing America's game : baseball, Latinos, and the color line


Playing America's game : baseball, Latinos, and the color line

Adrian Burgos Jr

(American crossroads, 23)

University of California Press, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 321-344) and index



Although largely ignored by historians of both baseball in general and the Negro leagues in particular, Latinos have been a significant presence in organized baseball from the beginning. In this benchmark study on Latinos and professional baseball from the 1880s to the present, Adrian Burgos tells a compelling story of the men who negotiated the color line at every turn - passing as 'Spanish' in the major leagues or seeking respect and acceptance in the Negro leagues. Burgos draws on archival materials from the U.S., Cuba, and Puerto Rico, as well as Spanish- and English-language publications and interviews with Negro league and major league players. He demonstrates how the manipulation of racial distinctions that allowed management to recruit and sign Latino players provided a template for Brooklyn Dodgers' general manager Branch Rickey when he initiated the dismantling of the color line by signing Jackie Robinson in 1947. Burgos' extensive examination of Latino participation before and after Robinson's debut documents the ways in which inclusion did not signify equality and shows how notions of racialized difference have persisted for darker-skinned Latinos like Orestes ('Minnie') Minoso, Roberto Clemente, and Sammy Sosa.


List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Introductions: Latinos Play America's Game PART ONE: THE RISE OF AMERICA'S GAME AND THE COLOR LINE 1. A National Game Emerges 2. Early Maneuvers 3. Holding the Line PART TWO: LATINOS AND THE RACIAL DIVIDE 4. Baseball Should Follow the Flag 5. "Purest Bars of Castilian Soap" 6. Making Cuban Stars 7. Becoming Cuban Senators 8. Playing the World Jim Crow Made PART THREE: BEYOND INTEGRATION 9. Latinos and Baseball's Integration 10. Troubling the Waters 11. Latinos and Baseball's Global Turn 12. Saying It Is So-sa! Conclusion: Still Playing America's Game Appendix: Pioneering Latinos Notes Selected Bibliography Index

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