Remapping the Mediterranean world in early modern English writings


Remapping the Mediterranean world in early modern English writings

edited by Goran V. Stanivukovic

(Early modern cultural studies)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2007

  • : softcover

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"Softcover reprint of the hardcover 1st edition 2007, ... Transferred to digital printing 2011"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



The essays in this volume explore the Mediterranean both as a physical and cultural space, and as a conceptual notion that challenges the boundaries between East and West. It emphasizes the Ottoman Mediterranean, by exploring a variety of literary and non-literary texts produced between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth centuries.


  • Introduction: Beyond the Olive Trees: Re-Mapping the Mediterranean World in Early Modern English Writings
  • G.V.Stanivukovic Emplotting the Early Modern Mediterranean
  • J.Burton Poisoned Figs, or "Traveler's Religion": Travel, Trade, and Conversion in Early Modern English Culture
  • D.Vitkus Cruising the Mediterranean: Narratives of Sexuality and Geographies of the Eastern Mediterranean in Early Modern English Prose Romances
  • G.V.Stanivukovic Imperial Lexicography and the Anglo-Spanish War
  • E.V.Campos The Battle of Alcazar, the Mediterranean, and the Moor
  • E.C.Bartels Mythologizing the Ottoman: The Jew of Malta and The Battle of Alcazar
  • L.Barroll Another Country: Marlowe and the Go-Between
  • R.Wilson "Come from Turkey": Mediterranean Trade in Late Elizabethan London
  • A.Stewart Barnaby Riche's Appropriation of Ireland and the Mediterranean World, or How Irish is "The Turk"?
  • C.C.Relihan Theatres of Empire in Milton's Epics
  • E.Sauer Turning to the Turk: Collaboration and Conversion in William Davenant's The Siege of Rhodes
  • M.Birchwood Satirizing English Tangier in Samuel Pepys's Diary and Tangier Papers
  • A.R.Beach From Invasion to Inquisition: Mapping Malta in Early Modern England
  • B.Andrea Afterword
  • D.Goffman

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