Gender in the making of the Nigerian University System


    • Pereira, Charmaine


Gender in the making of the Nigerian University System

Charmaine Pereira

James Currey, 2007

  • pbk.

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The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa commissioned case studies of higher education provision in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, as part of its effort to stimulate enlightened, equitable, and knowledge-based national development, and to provide guides to understanding. This study asks four major questions about gender in the Nigerian university system: How have gendered structures and processes at the contextual and systemic levels affected universities? In what ways have the workings of the university system contributed to gender differentials? How have women contributed to policy issues in university education? What are the gender implications of existing reforms of the university system? In association with Partnership for Higher Education in Africa; Nigeria: HEBN


  • Introduction
  • The colonial background
  • The post-colonial context
  • The system of university education
  • From the policy environment to the job market
  • The politics of funding
  • The gendered composition of federal universities
  • Institutional cultures & equality agendas
  • What constitutes reform?
  • Conclusions & recommendations.

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