Narrative, state of the art


Narrative, state of the art

edited by Michael Bamberg

(Benjamins current topics, v. 6)

John Benjamins Pub. Co., c2007

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Narrative - State of the Art which was originally published as a Special Issue of Narrative Inquiry 16:1 (2006) is edited by Michael Bamberg and contains 24 chapters (with a brief introduction by the editor) that look back and take stock of developments in narrative theorizing and empirical work with narratives. The attempt has been made to bring together researchers from different disciplines, with very different concerns, and have them express their conceptions of the current state of the art from their perspectives. Looking back and taking stock, this volume further attempts to begin to deliver answers to the questions (i) What was it that made the original turn to narrative so successful? (ii) What has been accomplished over the last 40 years of narrative inquiry? (iii) What are the future directions for narrative inquiry? The contributions to this volume are deliberately kept short so that the readers can browse through them and get a feel about the diversity of current narrative theorizing and emerging new trends in narrative research. It is the ultimate aim of this edited volume to stir up discussions and dialogue among narrative researchers across these disciplines and to widen and open up the territory of narrative inquiry to new and innovative work.


  • 1. Introductory remarks (by Bamberg, Michael)
  • 2. Narrative research and the challenge of accumulating knowledge (by Josselson, Ruthellen)
  • 3. The role of narrative in personality psychology today (by McAdams, Dan P.)
  • 4. The promise (and challenge) of an innovative narrative psychology (by Schiff, Brian)
  • 5. Biographical structuring: Narrating and reconstructing the self in research and professional practice (by Fischer, Wolfram)
  • 6. Narrative pre-construction (by Labov, William)
  • 7. A new role for narrative in variationist sociolinguistics (by Johnstone, Barbara)
  • 8. Story formulations in talk-in-interaction (by Stokoe, Elizabeth)
  • 9. Continuity and change in narrative study: Observations on componential and functional analysis (by Hogan, Patrick Colm)
  • 10. Dialogue in a discourse context: Scenes of talk in fictional narrative (by Herman, David)
  • 11. Rhetorical aesthetics and other issues in the study of literary narrative (by Phelan, James)
  • 12. Narrative as construction and discursive resource (by Taylor, Stephanie)
  • 13. The narrative negotiation of identity and belonging (by Kraus, Wolfgang)
  • 14. Narratives in action (by Gergen, Mary M.)
  • 15. Thinking big with small stories in narrative and identity analysis (by Georgakopoulou, Alexandra)
  • 16. Life "on holiday"?: In defense of big stories (by Freeman, Mark)
  • 17. Stories: Big or small: Why do we care? (by Bamberg, Michael)
  • 18. Entitlement and empathy in personal narrative (by Shuman, Amy)
  • 19. Frankie, Johnny, Oprah and Me: The limits of narrative (by Sartwell, Crispin)
  • 20. Rescuing narrative from qualitative research (by Atkinson, Paul)
  • 21. The performance turn in narrative studies (by Peterson, Eric E.)
  • 22. Applied ethnopoetics (by Blommaert, Jan)
  • 23. The self-telling body (by Charon, Rita)
  • 24. Narrative thinking and the emergence of postpsychological therapies (by McLeod, John)
  • 25. Do good stories produce good health?: Exploring words, language, and culture (by Ramirez-Esparza, Nairan)
  • 26. Living stories: Designing story-based educational experiences (by Schank, Roger C.)

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