Learning the ropes : insights for political appointees


Learning the ropes : insights for political appointees

edited by Mark A. Abramson and Paul R. Lawrence

(The IBM Center for the Business of Government book series)

Rowman & Littlefield, c2005

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"IBM Center for the Business of Government"- - Cover

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Learning the Ropes: Insights for Political Appointees is geared to providing helpful advice to new political appointees on a variety of topics related to the challenge of managing in government. Chapters include advice of how to work well with career executives, how to work with congress and media, and how to effectively manage their own organization. A major theme throughout the book is that creating productive partnerships with career civil servants is crucial to the achievement of Administration goals and objectives.


Chapter 1 The Biggest Secret in Washington Part 2 Part I: Working with Career Executives Chapter 3 Becoming and Effective Political Executive: 7 Lessons from Experienced Appointees Chapter 4 Getting to Know You: Rules of Engagement for Political Appointees and Career Executives Part 5 Part II: Working with Congress and the Media Chapter 6 Working with Congress Chapter 7 Working with the Media Part 8 Part III: Working with Your Organization Chapter 9 Working to Transform Your Organization Chapter 10 Working with Career Executives to Manage for Results Chapter 11 Performance Management for Political Executives: A "Start Where You Are, Use What You Have" Guide

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