Crisis or recovery in Japan : state and industrial economy



Crisis or recovery in Japan : state and industrial economy

edited by David Bailey, Dan Coffey, Philip Tomlinson

E. Elgar, c2007

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This innovative and multidisciplinary book explores Japan's economic crisis and recovery. Specifically, it analyses the role of corporations, the state, macroeconomic and industrial policy, and the changing status of Japan as an economic role model. The contributors list comprises an international panel of economists, political scientists and international relations specialists. From vantage points across Japan, North America and Europe, they bring together a collection of original studies considering Japan's economic malaise and the potential for sustained recovery. Topics covered include: * the relevance of Western economic models to the Japanese case * the Japanese macro-economy and financial system * the deep-seated controversy over the process and problems of kudoka - the hollowing out of Japan's industrial base * the future of Japan's small firm sector in a globalizing world. This provocative and timely book offers new reflections and original research findings on a topic of global interest and significance. As such it will strongly appeal to a wide-ranging audience including: academics in the fields of economics, political science and international relations, policymakers, advisors and practitioners in international institutions, think-tanks and labour organizations.


Contents: 1. Introduction: The Attributes of the Crisis David Bailey, Dan Coffey and Philip R. Tomlinson 2. The Workings of the Japanese Economy Donald W. Katzner 3. The Cause of Japan's Recession and the Lessons for the World Richard A. Werner 4. Transnational Monopoly Capitalism, the J-mode Firm and Industrial 'Hollowing Out' in Japan Keith Cowling and Philip. R. Tomlinson 5. Globalization and the Japanese Subcontractor System Ulrike Schaede 6. Institutionally Driven Growth and Stagnation - and Struggle for Reform Terutomo Ozawa 7. Kudoka, Restructuring and Possibilities for Industrial Policy in Japan David Bailey and Roger Sugden 8. The National Innovation System: A Key to Japan's Future Growth Hiroyuki Odagiri 9. The Rise and Fall of Japan as a Model of 'Progressive Capitalism' David Coates 10. 'Can Japan Compete?' Reconsidered Dan Coffey and Carole Thornley Index

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