US government and politics


    • Storey, William


US government and politics

William Storey

(Politics study guides)

Edinburgh University Press, c2007

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Focusing on the latest developments, this book explores whether the US political system lives up to its promise to provide freedom and equality of opportunity for all. Starting with the Constitutional Convention, which drew up the framework of the political system, the book examines mechanisms designed to prevent the oppressive use of power before analyzing the ways that the elected branches of government use power in modern America. Readers are provided with thought-provoking material on which to base their own conclusions on the extent to which US institutions and political practices succeed in living up to the Founding Fathers' lofty ideals. The US political system is evaluated through the topics of: *The Constitution *Race & US Politics *The Supreme Court *Federalism *Elections *Political Parties *Pressure Groups *Congress *The Presidency Each chapter examines how the system currently works and how it has developed, and makes comparisons with the British system of government to present a readable, accessible but academically stimulating introduction to the government and politics of the USA.


  • List of Boxes
  • List of Tables
  • Introduction
  • I. The Framework of US Politics
  • 1. The Constitution - History & Key Features
  • 2. Evaluating the Constitution - Race & US Politics
  • 3. Interpreting the Constitution - the Supreme Court
  • II. The Limits of Federal Power - Federalism & Pluralism
  • 4. Federalism
  • 5. Elections
  • 6. Political Parties
  • 7. Pressure Groups
  • III. Testing the Limits of Federal Power - The Legislature & The Executive
  • 8. Congress
  • 9. The Presidency - Domestic Affairs
  • 10. The Presidency - Foreign Affairs
  • Index.

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