John Foxe at home and abroad


John Foxe at home and abroad

edited by David Loades

Ashgate, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index



  • Preface for Patrick Collinson
  • Introduction, D. Loades. At Home: Spital Hospital: A saga of the Reformation in John Foxe's Lincolnshire, David Marcombe
  • Protestant Evangelism in Boston on the accession of Elizabeth: the Ministry of Melchior Smith, Claire Cross
  • Evangelicalism at Boston, Oxford and Windsor under Henry VIII: John Foxe's narratives recontextualized, Magnus Williamson
  • The Martyr Tallies: Robert Persons and his anonymous respondent, Victor Houliston
  • Essex Evangelicals under Edward VI: Richard, Lord Rich, Richard Alvey and their circle, Brett Usher
  • The fleeing Dutchmen? The influence of Dutch immigrants upon the Print Shop of John Day, Elizabeth Evenden
  • 'Most wicked superstition and idolatry': John Foxe, his predecessors, and the development of an anti-Catholic polemic in the 16th-century accounts of the reign of Mary I, Ramona Garcia. Abroad: Feeding the flock with wind: Protestant uses of a Dantean trope, from Foxe to Milton, Nicholas Havely
  • Foxe in the wilderness: the Book of Martyrs in 17th-century New England, Francis J. Bremer
  • A Nicodemite in England and Italy: Edward Courtenay, 1548-1556, Anne Overell
  • John Foxe in the Low Countries, 1566-1914, Paul Arblater
  • Was Haemstede a direct source for Foxe? On le Blas's Pijnbanck and other borrowings, Guido Latre
  • Thanksgiving from Germany in 1559: an analysis of the content, sources and style of John Foxe's Germaniae ad Angliam Gratulatio, John Wade. Message and Methodology: Stowe's vision of martyrdom in Uncle Tom's Cabin, Margaret Dean
  • 'Foxe' as a methodological response to epistemic challenges: The Book of Martyrs transported, Devorah Greenberg
  • 'Twenty-first-Century Foxe': The online Variorum edition of Foxe's Actes and Monuments, Mark Greengrass, Joy Lloyd and Sue Smith
  • Appendix: The Internet Connection: Claiming John Foxe as their Own. Foxe's Book of Martyrs on the World Wide Web, Janice Devereux
  • Index.

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