Billy Wilder, American film realist


    • Armstrong, Richard


Billy Wilder, American film realist

by Richard Armstrong

McFarland, c2000

  • : pbk.

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Filmography: p. 137-144

Includes bibliographical references (p. 153-158) and index



The films of Billy Wilder, from Double Indemnity to Some Like It Hot, are American classics created by a brilliant Austrian in love with his newfound country. This is a re-examination of the key American films of Wilder, often challenging previous readings of his filmmaking style and personality, emphasizing the pop-cultural, film-historical, and sociohistorical content of well known films like Sunset Boulevard and less frequently remembered ones, like The Fortune Cookie. The book interprets Wilder as more than the ""cocky little Viennese"" or ""closet Romantic"" stereotypes often attached to him. Here the student will find provocative analysis and the enthusiast will find evocative commentary on one of the most important figures in American film. Photographs add to the text, and a complete filmography and bibliography are also included. Fully indexed.

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