The European dimensions of Arthurian literature


The European dimensions of Arthurian literature

edited by Bart Besamusca and Frank Brandsma ; general editor, Keith Busby

(Arthurian literature / edited by Richard Barber ; advisory editors, Tony Hunt, Toshiyuki Takamiya, 24)

D.S. Brewer, 2007

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Essays demonstrating that Arthur belonged to the whole of Europe - not just England. The European dimensions of Arthurian literature form the focus of this special issue of Arthurian Literature, derived from sessions held at the International Conference in Utrecht (2005). It brings out in particular the supranational coherence of the Arthurian genre, and the ways in which its motifs appear throughout European literature. Questions discussed here include the function of Perceval in a variety of Arthurian romances, the character of Gauvain in the French, Dutch and English traditions, the narrator in different versions of the Prose Lancelot, and the concept of 'youth' in Scandinavian and Old French romances. BART BESAMUSCA and FRANK BRANDSMA lecture at Utrecht University. Contributors: BART BESAMUSCA, FRANK BRANDSMA, CORA DIETL, SARAH GORDON, LINDA GOWANS, MARJOLEIN HOGENBIRK, SUSANNE KRAMARZ-BEIN, NORRIS J. LACY, MARTINE MEUWESE, STEFANO MULA, JOSEPH M. SULLIVAN,LORI J. WALTERS.


Introduction: The Pan-European Approach - Bart Besamusca Perceval on the Margins: A Pan-European Perspective - Norris J. Lacy More Bread from Stone: Gauvain as a Figure of Plenitude in the French, Dutch and English Traditions - Lori J. Walters Artus - ein Fremdkoerper in der Tristantrandition? - Cora Dietl Dinadan Abroad: Tradition and Innovation for a Counter-Hero - Stefano Mula Gringalet as an Epic Character - Marjolein Hogenbirk Consumption and the Construction of Identity in Medieval European Arthurian Romance - Sarah Gordon Lamenting or just Grumbling? Arthur's Nephew Expresses his Discontent - Linda Gowans Youth and Older Age in the Dire Adventure of Chretien's Yvain the Old Swedish Haerra Ivan, Hartmann's Iwein and the Middle English Ywain and GawainEnglish Ywain and Gawain - Joseph M. Sullivan Degrees of Perceptibility: the Narrator in the French Prose Lancelot , and in its German and Dutch Translations - Frank Brandsma Die altnorwegische Pacevals saga im Spannungsfeld ihrer Quelle und der mittelhochdeutschen und mittelenglischen Parzival-Uberlieferung - Susanne Kramaz-Bein Crossing Borders: Text and Image in Arthurian Manuscripts - Martine Meuwese

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  • Arthurian literature

    edited by Richard Barber ; advisory editors, Tony Hunt, Toshiyuki Takamiya

    D.S. Brewer , Boydell & Brewer c1981-

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