Frontiers in algorithmics : First Annual International Workshop, FAW 2007 Lanzhou, China, August 1-3, 2007 : proceedings



Frontiers in algorithmics : First Annual International Workshop, FAW 2007 Lanzhou, China, August 1-3, 2007 : proceedings

Franco P. Preparata, Qizhi Fang (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 4613)

Springer, c2007

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First Annual International Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop, FAW 2007, held in Lanzhou, China in August 2007. Topics covered in the papers include bioinformatics, discrete structures, geometric information processing and communication, games and incentive analysis, graph algorithms, internet algorithms and protocols, and algorithms in medical applications.


Geometric Algorithms for the Constrained 1-D K-Means Clustering Problems and IMRT Applications.- A Fast Preprocessing Algorithm to Select Gene-Specific Probes of DNA Microarrays.- Approximation Algorithms for a Point-to-Surface Registration Problem in Medical Navigation.- Biometric Digital Signature Key Generation and Cryptography Communication Based on Fingerprint.- New Algorithms for the Spaced Seeds.- Region-Based Selective Encryption for Medical Imaging.- Extracting Information of Anti-AIDS Inhibitor from the Biological Literature Based on Ontology.- A Novel Biology-Based Reversible Data Hiding Fusion Scheme.- On the Approximation and Smoothed Complexity of Leontief Market Equilibria.- On Coordination Among Multiple Auctions.- The On-Line Rental Problem with Risk and Probabilistic Forecast.- Distributed Planning for the On-Line Dial-a-Ride Problem.- Maximizing the Number of Independent Labels in the Plane.- On the Fractional Chromatic Number of Monotone Self-dual Boolean Functions.- On the Complexity of Approximation Streaming Algorithms for the k-Center Problem.- Scheduling an Unbounded Batch Machine to Minimize Maximum Lateness.- A Non-interleaving Denotational Semantics of Value Passing CCS with Action Refinement.- Constraints Solution for Time Sensitive Security Protocols.- Using Bit Selection to Do Routing Table Lookup.- A New Fuzzy Decision Tree Classification Method for Mining High-Speed Data Streams Based on Binary Search Trees.- Hamiltonian Property on Binary Recursive Networks.- A Performance Guaranteed New Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Routing in Folded Cubes.- Pathologic Region Detection Algorithm for Prostate Ultrasonic Image Based on PCNN.- A Novel Heuristic Approach for Job Shop Scheduling Problem.- An Efficient Physically-Based Model for Chinese Brush.- A Trigram Statistical Language Model Algorithm for Chinese Word Segmentation.- An O(nm)-Time Certifying Algorithm for Recognizing HHD-Free Graphs.- Easy Problems for Grid-Structured Graphs.- Long Alternating Cycles in Edge-Colored Complete Graphs.- Notes on Fractional (1,f)-Odd Factors of Graphs.- Some New Structural Properties of Shortest 2-Connected Steiner Networks.- The Parameterized Complexity of the Induced Matching Problem in Planar Graphs.- Removable Edges of a Spanning Tree in 3-Connected 3-Regular Graphs.

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