Progress in pattern recognition



Progress in pattern recognition

Sameer Singh, Maneesha Singh, editors

(Advances in pattern recognition)

Springer, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book features a collection of articles presented at the 2007 Workshop on Advances in Pattern Recognition, which was organized in conjunction with the 5th International Summer School on Pattern Recognition. It provides readers with the state-of-the-art algorithms in the area of pattern recognition as well as a presentation of the cutting edge applications within the field.


Pattern Matching and Classification.- Estimation in Feedback Loops by Stochastic Learning.- Combining Exhaustive and Approximate Methods for Improved Sub-Graph Matching.- Information Fusion Techniques for Reliably Training Intrusion Detection Systems.- Use of Artificial Neural Networks and Effects of Amino Acid Encodings in the Membrane Protein Prediction Problem.- Computationally Efficient Graph Matching via Energy Vector Extraction.- A Validity Index Based on Cluster Symmetry.- of New Expert and Old Expert Retirement in Ensemble Learning under Drifting Concept.- Comparison of Three Feature Extraction Techniques to Distinguish Between Different Infrasound Signals.- Developing Trading Strategies based on Risk-analysis of Stocks.- Biometrics.- Facial Image Processing with Convolutional Neural Networks.- Time-dependent Interactive Graphical Models for Human Activity Analysis.- A New Lexicon-based Method for Automated Detection of Terrorist Web Documents.- A Neural Network Approach for Multifont and Size-Independent Recognition of Ethiopic Characters.- Automated Classification of Affective States using Facial Thermal Features.- On-line One Stroke Character Recognition Using Directional Features.- Comparison of SVMs in Number Plate Recognition.- Three Different Models for Named Entity Recognition in Bengali.- Comparison of Local and Global Thresholding for Binarization of Cheque Images.- Reading out 2D Barcode PDF417.- Off-Line Hand-Written Farsi/Arabic Word Segmentation into Subword under Overlapped or Connected Conditions.- Iris Biometrics Algorithm for Low Cost Devices.- Optimization on PCA Based Face Recognition Models.- Discriminating Unknown Faces using Eigen-face Approach and a Novelty Filter.- Using Timing to Detect Horror Shots in Horror Movies.- Indoor/Outdoor Scene Classification using Audio and Video Features.

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