Urban planning in India


    • Das, Amiya Kumar


Urban planning in India

Amiya Kumar Das

Rawat Publications, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"Urban Planning in India is a comprehensive guide for understanding urban planning and making intelligent planning decisions. Past solutions and pitfalls, present methods and issues, and future solutions to planning concepts are explained. A wealth of practical information, such as law, agency structure, budgeting and financing, and implementation, is included. The causes of and solutions to India s current and impending urban challenges such as the housing crisis, traffic congestion, drainage and flood management, are also explored. Public participation is extremely important in creating a beautiful and functional city. The concept of planning, implementation mechanisms, and financing options have changed tremendously in the last thirty years. This book is meant to inform and inspire citizens, legislators, administrators, technocrats, and planners to shape cities for the benefit and enjoyment of all."

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