Pituitary tumors in pregnancy


Pituitary tumors in pregnancy

edited by Marcello D. Bronstein

(Endocrine updates, 15)

Kluwer, c2001

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Pituitary adenomas account for 10-15% of all intracranial tumors and they frequently impair fertility. The development of medical and surgical therapy for such tumors has turned pregnancy into a reality for women harboring pituitary adenomas. However, gestation risks for both mother and fetus are still of concern for endocrinologists, gynecologists and pediatricians. This book intends to update knowledge on this topic, mainly regarding fertility restoration as well as gestational and post gestational management of patients with pituitary tumors.


  • Contributors. Preface
  • M.D. Bronstein. 1. Impact of Pregnancy on Normal Pituitary Function
  • L.F. Morris, G.D. Braunstein. 2. The Roles of Growth Hormone, Prolactin and Placental Lactogen in Maternal Metabolism and Fetal Development
  • M. Freemark, S. Handwerger. 3. Hormonally Active Drugs and the Fetus
  • R. Mortimer. 4. Prolactinomas and Pregnancy
  • N.R.C. Musolino, M.D. Bronstein. 5. Pregnancy and Acromegaly
  • V. Herman-Bonert, S. Melmed. 6. Clinically Non-Functioning Adenomas
  • M.E. Molitch. 7. Lymphocytic Hypophysitis
  • M.P. Gillam, M.E. Molitch. 8. Cushing's Disease in Pregnancy
  • Z.T. Madhum, D.C. Aron. 9. Restoration of Ovarian Cyclicity and Ovulation Induction in Hypopituitary Women
  • P. Serafini, et al. Index.

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