Corpus-based approaches to metaphor and metonymy


Corpus-based approaches to metaphor and metonymy

edited by Anatol Stefanowitsch, Stefan Th. Gries

(Mouton select)

M. de Gruyter, c2007

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Hardcover ed. published 2006 as vol. 171 of the series Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The papers in this volume deal with the issue of how corpus data relate to the questions that cognitive linguists have typically investigated with respect to conceptual mappings. The authors in this volume investigate a wide range of issues- the coherence and function of particular metaphorical models, the interaction of form and meaning, the identification of source domains of metaphorical expressions, the relationship between metaphor and discourse, the priming of metaphors, and the historical development of metaphors. The studies deal with a variety of metaphorical and metonymic source and target domains, including the source domains SPACE, ANIMALS, BODY PARTS, ORGANIZATIONS and WAR, and the target domains VERBAL ACTIVITY, ECONOMY, EMOTIONS and POLITICS. In their studies, the authors present a variety of corpus-linguistic methods for the investigation of conceptual mappings, for example, corpora annotated for semantic categories, concordances of individual source-domain items and patterns, and concordances of target-domain items. In sum, the papers in this volume show how a wide range of corpus-linguistic methods can be used to investigate a variety of issues in cognitive linguistics; the combination of corpus methods with a cognitive-linguistic view of metaphor and metonymy yields new answers to old questions (and to new questions) about the relationship between language as a conceptual phenomenon and language as a textual phenomenon.

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