Electrical materials


    • Zachariason, Rob


Electrical materials

Rob Zachariason

Thomson Delmar Learning, c2007

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Ideal for anyone new to the electrical industry, this book provides a thorough overview of the variety of electrical materials that are used by today's electricians. Designed to cover essential electrical materials information, the book introduces each material with a photograph and a description. Electrical Materials then progresses to include information on where the part is most commonly seen and how it is used, in addition to its limitations. When appropriate, relevant National Electrical Code articles are noted, so readers have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way, using the leading industry standard. With a straightforward, concise writing style, this book will serve as a valuable training tool, reference book, or supplement to learning the NEC.


Introduction Chapter 1 Conductors and Cables Chapter 2 Nonmetallic Boxes Chapter 3 Metallic Boxes Chapter 4 Raceways Chapter 5 Fittings Chapter 6 Service Equipment Chapter 7 Grounding and Splicing Chapter 8 Devices Chapter 9 Communication Equipment Chapter 10 Control Equipment

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