Lost people : magic and the legacy of slavery in Madagascar


Lost people : magic and the legacy of slavery in Madagascar

David Graeber

Indiana University Press, c2007

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Bibliography: p. 437-445

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Betafo, a rural community in central Madagascar, is divided between the descendants of nobles and descendants of slaves. Anthropologist David Graeber arrived for fieldwork at the height of tensions attributed to a disastrous communal ordeal two years earlier. As Graeber uncovers the layers of historical, social, and cultural knowledge required to understand this event, he elaborates a new view of power, inequality, and the political role of narrative. Combining theoretical subtlety, a compelling narrative line, and vividly drawn characters, Lost People is a singular contribution to the anthropology of politics and the literature on ethnographic writing.


Contents<\>Preface and AcknowledgmentsNotes on Malagasy Pronunciation1. Betafo, 19902. Royal Authority3. Negative Authority4. Character5. A Brief History of Betafo6. Anti-Heroic Politics7. The Trials of Miadana8. Lost People9. The Descendants of Rainitamaina10. It Must Have Gone Something Like This11. Catastrophe12. EpilogueGlossary of Malagasy TermsPersonal Names in TextImportant Places Named in TextNotesBibliographyIndex

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