Library 2.0 and beyond : innovative technologies and tomorrow's user


Library 2.0 and beyond : innovative technologies and tomorrow's user

edited by Nancy Courtney ; foreword by Steven J. Bell

Libraries Unlimited, 2007

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Library two point zero and beyond

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Library 2.0: does everyone seem to know what this means except you? In this new work, Nancy Courtney has assembled some of the most forward-looking thinkers in the library world to describe and explain the next generation of online tools, including blogs and wikis, social networking and tagging technologies, folksonomies, podcasting, and virtual reality libraries.


Preface Steven Bell Chapter 1: Web 2.0 and Library 2.0: What Librarians Need to Know Elizabeth L. Black Chapter 2: Library Catalog 2.0 Michael Casey Chapter 3: The Wonderful World of Wikis: Applications for Libraries Chad Boeninger Chapter 4: Podcasting in Libraries Chris Kretz Chapter 5: Handheld Computers in Libraries Christopher Strauber Chapter 6: Mashups and Web Services Eric Schnell Chapter 7: Online Social Networking Brian S. Mathews Chapter 8: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging Ellyssa Kroski Chapter 9: up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,a,b,select, start: Learning from Games and Gamers in Library 2.0 David Ward Chapter 10: Library 2.0 and Virtual Worlds = Innovation + Exploration Lori Bell, Tom Peters, and Kitty Pope Chapter 11: Digital Storytelling, Libraries, and Community Karen Diaz and Anne M. Fields Suggested Readings Index About the Editor and Contributors

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