The 2005 DARPA grand challenge : the great robot race


The 2005 DARPA grand challenge : the great robot race

Martin Buehler, Karl Iagnemma and Sanjiv Singh (eds.)

(Springer tracts in advanced robotics, v. 36)

Springer, c2007

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The DARPA Grand Challenge was a landmark in the field of robotics: a race by autonomous vehicles through 132 miles of rough Nevada terrain. It showcased exciting and unprecedented capabilities in robotic perception, navigation, and control. The event took place in October 2005 and drew teams of competitors from academia and industry, as well as many garage hobbyists. This book presents fifteen technical papers that describe each team's driverless vehicle, race strategy, and insights. As a whole, they present the state of the art in autonomous vehicle technology and offer a glimpse of future technology for tomorrow's driverless cars.


Stanley: The Robot That Won the DARPA Grand Challenge.- A Robust Approach to High-Speed Navigation for Unrehearsed Desert Terrain.- KAT-5: Robust Systems for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Challenging and Unknown Terrain.- The TerraMax Autonomous Vehicle.- Virginia Tech's Twin Contenders: A Comparative Study of Reactive and Deliberative Navigation.- Intelligent Off-Road Navigation Algorithms and Strategies of Team Desert Buckeyes in the DARPA Grand Challenge '05.- The Golem Group / UCLA Autonomous Ground Vehicle in the DARPA Grand Challenge.- CajunBot: Architecture and Algorithms.- SciAutonics-Auburn Engineering's Low Cost High Speed ATV for the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.- Team CIMAR's NaviGATOR: An Unmanned Ground Vehicle for the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.- Prospect Eleven: Princeton University's Entry in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.- Cornell University's 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Entry.- A Mixture-Model Based Algorithm for Real-Time Terrain Estimation.- Alice: An Information-Rich Autonomous Vehicle for High-Speed Desert Navigation.- MITRE Meteor: An Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle for DARPA's Grand Challenge.

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