How the Holocaust looks now : international perspectives


How the Holocaust looks now : international perspectives

edited by Martin L. Davies and Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann

Palgrave Macmillian, 2007

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This collection offers a series of essays that explore the historical culture the holocaust has engendered in Europe, Israel and the USA, the politics of its reception and representation, the motivations for and effectiveness of commemorating it, and the creative and didactic practices it has generated in contemporary literature, art, and thought.


  • Foreword
  • A.Newman Introduction: How the Holocaust Looks Now
  • C-C.W.Szejnmann & M.L.Davies PART I The Ark of Innocence - Morality and Memory after Auschwitz
  • E.Goodman-Thau Part II: MEMORIES OF THE HOLOCAUST: PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DISCOURSES Family Recollections of the Holocaust in Europe
  • O.Jensen Bringing the Holocaust Home: Danish and Dutch Third Generation's Struggle to Make Sense of the Holocaust
  • I.Matauschek Oral/Audiovisual Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors in the United States
  • M.Ecker Christa Wolf's Patterns of Childhood: an East German Confrontation with the Nazi Past
  • P.Graves The Presence of the Holocaust in Daily Life Discourse in Israel
  • E.Hertzog PART III: THE HOLOCAUST AND EUROPEAN HISTORICAL CULTURE The Undivided Sky: the Auschwitz Trial on East and West German Radio
  • R.Wolf The Holocaust as a History-Cultural Phenomenon
  • K-G.Karlsson Between the Holocaust and Trianon: Historical Culture in Hungary
  • K.Gerner The Holocaust in Ukrainian Historical Culture
  • J.Dietsch A Tale of a Former Shtetl: the Memory of Jews and the Holocaust in Poland
  • B.Toernquist Plewa Heroic Images: Raoul Wallenberg as a History-Cultural Symbol
  • U.Zander PART IV: REPRESENTING THE HOLOCAUST: MEMORIALS Holocaust Survivors and Early Israeli Holocaust Research: a Reappraisal
  • B.Cohen 'Auschwitz' in Museums: Representing and Teaching the Holocaust in the Twenty-first Century
  • S.Lassig & K.H.Pohl The Establishment of National Memorials to the Nazi Past: Yad Vashem, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Topography of Terror Foundation
  • M.Haas Fillling the Void: Representing the History of Bergen-Belsen for a New Generation
  • R.Schulze Visiting Memorial Sites: a Valid Cathartic Experience of a Waste of Time and Money?
  • J.Fuchs PART V: REPRESENTING THE HOLOCAUST: WRITING, ART, EDUCATION Possibilities and Limits of a "Conjunction" of History and Memory: Saul Friedlander's Historiography of the Shoah
  • K.Machtans What Kind of Narratives Can Present the Unpresentable?
  • T.Weiser The Possibilities and Problems of Narrating Facts
  • V.Zangl The "New Artistic Discourse" on Nazism and the Holocaust: Contemporary Fine Art as a Reflection on the Reception of History
  • M.Wenzel "Education After Auschwitz" Revisited
  • M.L.Davies PART VI Anti-Semitism Today
  • W.Benz Index

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