The real life of Laurence Olivier


The real life of Laurence Olivier

Roger Lewis

Arrow Books, 2007, c1996

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"Reissured in the United Kingdom by Arrow Books in 2007"--T.p. verso

"First published in the United Kingdom in 1996 by Century"--T.p. verso

"First published in paperback in 1997 by Arrow Books"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Laurence Olivier was both an enchanter and a force of nature. In "The Real Life of Laurence Olivier", Roger Lewis goes beyond the magical illusions the actor created to tell the truth about the man's sexuality, ambition, revenges, power, preoccupations and achievements. Most of all, Olivier's life and work become a love story - the tale of the relationship with Vivien Leigh, who was destroyed by the extent of her passion for him, as he himself was cast into a frenzy of guilt and disillusionment.

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