Sustaining and sharing economic growth in Tanzania


Sustaining and sharing economic growth in Tanzania

edited by Robert J. Utz

World Bank, c2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Far reaching macro-economic and structural reforms combined with increases in government spending have been the primary drivers of Tanzania's growth acceleration. As growth in government spending slows, the locomotive for growth will need to shift to increased demand for exports and domestically produced goods, requiring Tanzania to strengthen substantially its international competitiveness, accelerate structural change, and safeguard the environment while maintaining macroeconomic stability. For Tanzania's poor to be able to participate and benefit from important growth, a greater focus on rural development, improved governance of the management of Tanzania's natural resources, and better targeting of social services to the poor is suggested. Successful design and implementation of a shared growth strategy will also require a strengthening of policy management and coordination in Tanzania to ensure that scarce human and financial resources are effectively deployed.

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