The structure and function of plastids


The structure and function of plastids

edited by Robert R. Wise and J. Kenneth Hoober

(Advances in photosynthesis and respiration, v. 23)

Springer, c2007

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The Structure and Function of Plastids provides a comprehensive look at the biology of plastids, the multifunctional biosynthetic factories that are unique to plants and algae. Fifty-nine international experts have contributed 28 chapters that cover all aspects of this large and diverse family of plant and algal organelles.


Preface.- A Dedication to Pioneers of Research on Chloroplast Structure.- Colour Section.- Plastid Origin and Development: The Diversity of Plastid Form and Function.-Chloroplast Development.- Protein Import into Plastids: Who, When and How?.- Origin and Evolution of Plastids: Genomic View on the Unification and Diversity of Plastids .- The Mechanism of Plastid Division: The Structure and Origin of The Plastid Division Apparatus.- The Plastid Genome and its Interaction with the Nuclear Genome: Expression, Prediction and Function of the Thylakoid Proteome in Higher Plants and Green Algae.- The Role of Nucleus- and Chloroplast-Encoded Factors in the Synthesis of the Photosynthetic Apparatus.- Plastid Transcription: Competition, Regulation, and Promotion by Plastid- and Nuclear-Encoded Polymerases.- Plastid-to-Nucleus Signaling.-Trace Metal Utilization in Chloroplasts.- Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plastids: Light/Dark Regulation of Chloroplast Metabolism.- Chlororespiratory Pathways and their Physiological Significance.- CO2 Concentrating Mechanisms.- Synthesis, Export, and Partitioning of the End Products of Photosynthesis .-Non-Photosynthetic Metabolism in Platids: Chlorophyll Synthesis.- Carotenoids.- Lipid Synthesis, Metabolism and Transport.- Amino Acid Synthesis in Plastids.-Sulfur Metabolism in Plastids.-Regulation and Role of Ca+ Fluxes in Chloroplasts.- Plastid Differentiation and Response to Environmental Factors: The Role of Plastids in Ripening Fruits.- Fate and Activities of Plastids During Leaf Senescence.- The Kleptoplast.- The Apicoplast.-The Role of Plastids in Gravitropism.- Plastid Movements in Response to Environmental Signals.- Oxygen Metabolism and Stress Physiology.- Subject Index.- Species Index.- Author Index.

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