Jane Austen and the popular novel : the determined author


Jane Austen and the popular novel : the determined author

Anthony Mandal

Palgrave Macmillan, 2007

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Bibliography: p. 234-245

Includes index



This book offers a reinterpretation of Austen's later novels by exploring their interactions with the fiction of the 1810s. Building on recent bibliographic research into the novel, this study situates Austen in the literary marketplace and offers new insights into the nature of her 'innovation', which arises from her sensitivity to the genre.


List of Tables of Figures List of Abbreviations Acknowledgements PART 1: THE LITERARY CONTEXT AND AUSTEN'S EARLY FICTION Introduction: Fiction and the Literary Marketplace, 1785-1820 Jane Austen and Fiction, 1787-1809 Getting Published at Last, 1811-13 PART II: AUSTEN'S REGENCY NOVELS Making the Popular Polite: Mansfield Park and the Moral-Domestic Novel Woman as Genius/Genius Loci : Emma as an English National Tale The Business of Novel-Writing: Walter Scott and Persuasion Conclusion: The Canonization of Jane Austen Notes Bibliography Index

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