• Watson, Nick



edited by Nick Watson

(Major themes in health and social welfare)

Routledge, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Disability Studies is a relatively new area of academic thought, emerging in its current form in the early 1990s. It is, by its nature, broad ranging and has seen a rapid expanse in scholarly research. It is an international development or movement, with active organizations of academics in Britain, the United States, Canada, the Nordic countries, and in Australasia. This new title in the Routledge series, Major Themes in Health and Social Welfare, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of the subject's rapid evolution-and the accompanying explosion in research output. With a general introduction newly written by the editor, Disability is a four-volume collection which brings together cutting-edge and canonical research from the field of Disability Studies to make available in one 'mini library' core readings across a wide range of policy arenas, including education, housing, employment, health, social care, leisure, and recreation. It will be welcomed by students new to the field and will also be an invaluable resource for scholars and other researchers in the area.


Volume I Part 1: Emergence of the Social Barriers Approach Part 2: The Social Barriers Approach and Social Models of Disability Volume II Part 3: Researching Disability Part 4: Critiques of the Social Model Volume III Part 5: Disability Studies in the US: The Cultural Turn Part 6: Independent Living Part 7: Living with Disability Volume IV Part 8: The History of Disability Part 9: Disability and Bioethics Part 10: Anti-Discrimination Legislation

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