Probability and number theory : Kanazawa 2005


    • International Conference on Probability and Number Theory
    • 秋山, 茂樹 アキヤマ, シゲキ


Probability and number theory : Kanazawa 2005

edited by Shigeki Akiyama ... [et al.]

(Advanced studies in pure mathematics, 49)

Mathematical Society of Japan, c2007

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"The present volume is the proceedings of the International Conference on Probability and Number Theory, held at Kanazawa Yomiuri Kaikan, Kanazawa, Japan, during June 20 to 24, 2005."--Pref

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This volume is the Proceedings of the international conference on Probability and Number Theory held at Kanazawa, Japan, in June 2005, and includes several survey articles on probabilistic number theory, and research papers on various recent topics around the border area between probability theory and number theory. This volume is useful for all researchers and graduate students who are interested in probability theory and number theory.Published by Mathematical Society of Japan and distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co. for all markets except North America


On the Littlewood conjecture in fields of power series by B. Adamczewski and Y. Bugeaud Series and polynomial representations for weighted Rogers-Ramanujan partitions and products modulo by K. Alladi and A. Berkovich Limiting processes with dependent increments for measures on symmetric group of permutations by G. J. Babu, E. Manstavicius, and V. Zacharovas The ramifications of a shift by 2 by P. Elliott On lacunary trigonometric product by K. Fukuyama On the Backlund equivalent for the Lindelof hypothesis by R. Garunkstis The dynamics associated with certain digital sequences by P. Hellekalek and P. Liardet New approach to probabilistic number theory--compactifications and integration by K.-H. Indlekofer On simultaneous Diophantine approximation to periodic points related to modified Jacobi-Perron algorithm by S. Ito and S.-I. Yasutomi Limit theorems for the Mellin transform of $\left\vert\zeta(1/2 +it)\right\vert^2$. II by A. Laurincikas On the speed of convergence to limit distributions for Dedekind zeta-functions of non-Galois number fields by K. Matsumoto On $\bold Q$-multiplicative functions having a positive upper-meanvalue by J.-L. Mauclaire Low discrepancy sequences generated by dynamical systems by M. Mori Renormalized Rauzy inductions by T. Morita The universality of $L$-functions attached to Maass forms by H. Nagoshi The diaphony of a class of infinite sequences by Y. Ohkubo Approximations to the Goldbach and twin prime problem and gaps between consecutive primes by J. Pintz Some highlights from the history of probabilistic number theory by W. Schwarz Gaps between consecutive zeros of the zeta-function on the critical line and conjectures from random matrix theory by R. Slezeviciene-Steuding and J. Steuding Eigenfunctions for substitution tiling systems by B. Solomyak The probability of two $\mathbb{F}_q$-polynomials to be coprime by H. Sugita and S. Takanobu An analogue of the Chowla-Selberg formula for several automorphic $L$-functions by M. Suzuki On a mean value of a multiplicative function of two variables by N. Ushiroya Hartman sets, functions and sequences--a survey by R. Winkler Integral representations of $q$-analogues of the Barnes multiple zeta functions by Y. Yamasaki.

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