Lewin on trusts


    • Lewin, Thomas
    • Tucker, Lynton
    • Le Poidevin, Nicholas
    • Brightwell, James


Lewin on trusts

by John Mowbray ... [et al.]

(Trusts, wills and probate library)

Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell, 2008-

18th ed

  • : hc
  • 2nd suppl

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2nd suppl.: by Lynton Tucker, Nicholas Le Poidevin, James Brightwell

Includes bibliographical references and index



2nd suppl ISBN 9780414048720


Brings the 18th edition of Lewin fully up to date with all legislative changes, new cases and general practice developments

: hc ISBN 9780421874206


Lewin provides the practitioner with the definitive text on the law and practice of trusts, and is frequently cited in court. It covers the definition, classification and creation of trusts, trustees, and beneficiaries. The work has been completely updated to take account of recent case law and legislation, and includes items such as: Twinsecrta v Yardley, which analyses Quistclose trusts and also defines what is meant by dishonesty in the context of liability for dishonest assistance in a breach of trust; T. Choithram International SA v. Pagarani, which discusses the requirements for the valid creation of a trust where the settlor fails to vest the trust assets in the intended trustees; and Tinsley v. Milligan on illegality. It also includes a discussion of the English rules of jurisdiction and service of proceedings outside England in trust disputes, and a treatment of the new CPR rule 48.4(2) and (3) which makes different provision for trustees' costs of litigation and of decisions on costs in trusts disputes. * Includes both in-depth analysis and the practical implications of trust law * Provides clear guidance on controversial and undecided questions * Covers all aspects of trusts law - from explanation, interpretation, and creation of trusts, to the role and duties of trustees, to beneficiaries and their interests and administration * Analyses major decisions and applies them to the principles of the law and the practice and procedure they affect


Definition, classification and creation of trusts. The trustees. The beneficiaries and beneficial interests. Administration of the trust property. Breach of trust and remedies. Lawful departure from the trusts.

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