Mexican American voices


Mexican American voices

edited by Steven Mintz

Brandywine Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 227-253)



Today, Mexican Americans are the youngest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. But Mexican Americans are also among the nation's oldest communities, with a rich and complex history. This book seeks to restore Mexican Americans to their rightful place in the narrative of American history. Through its 71 carefully edited selections, the book draws on the voices of Mexican Americans to chronicle and interpret their experience from the beginnings of Spanish colonization of the northern Mexican frontier to the present. This documentary history provides an indispensable introduction to Mexican American history and culture.


Preface. Introduction. Part I: America's Spanish Heritage. 1. Alvarez Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. 2. The Spanish Borderlands. 3. Resistance and Accommodation in New Mexico. 4. Missionary Activity in New Spain's Northern Frontier. 5. California's Mission System. 6. Junípero Serra: Saint or Emissary of Empire?. 7. The Fantasy Image of the Southwest. 8. Hardening Class Lines. 9. Debts to Spanish and Mexican Cultures. Part II: From Spanish to Mexican Rule. 1. The Consequences of Mexican Independence. 2. The Santa Fe Trail. 3. Anglo-American Settlement in Texas. 5. Secularization of the Missions. 6. Increasing Social Stratification on the Southwest. Part III: From Mexican to Anglo Rule. 1. The Texas Revolution. 2. The Battle of the Alamo. 3. The Texas Revolution: A Conflict of Cultures?. 4. The Fate of the Tejanos. 5. Manifest Destiny. 6. Stages of Expansion. 7. The Mexican War. 8. A Controversial War. 9. Resistance. 10. The San Patricios. Part IV: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Its Aftermath. 1. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 2. Articles IC and X. 3. Mexico Debates the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 4. A Backhanded Compromise: The Protocol of Queretaro. Part V: Legacies of Conquest. 1. Land Loss. 2. Land Loss in California. 3. The Public Land Commission. 4. A Changing Economy. 5. New Mexico. 6. Land Loss in New Mexico. 7. New Mexico Statehood. Part VI: Resistance. 1. The Bandido. 2. Resistance in Texas. 3. Resistance in California. 4. Legend making Joaquin Murieta. 5. The White Caps. Part VII: Aguantar. 1. Community Institutions. 2. Labor Activism. 3. Roman Catholic Church. Part VIII: North from Mexico. 1. Mexican Americans and Southwestern Growth. 2. Immigration Restriction. 3. Americanization. 4. Repatriados. 5. Mexican Americans and the New Deal. 6. The Bracero Program and Undocumented Workers. 7. Operation Wetback. Part IX: La Causa. 1. Sleepy Lagoon. 2. The Zoot Suit Riots. 3. Discrimination Against Mexican Americans in Was Industries. 4. The Mendez Case: Brown v. Board of Education for Mexican Americans. 5. Recommendations on the Bracero Program. 6. Salt of the Earth. Part X: Chicanismo. 1. César Chavez. Dolores Huerta. 3. A New Militancy. 4. The "Sleeping Giant" Awakes. 5. La Raza Unida Party. 6. Recovering Lost Lands. 7. Cinco de Mayo. 8. The National Chicano Moratorium. Part XI: Mexican Americans in American Popular Culture. 1.Distorted images. 2. Selena. Part XII: The Struggle Continues. 1. Political Power. 2. Immigration. 3. Educational Inequality. 4. Dual Citizenship. 5. Assimilation, Separation, or a Third Way?. A Bibliography of Mexican-American History.

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