A business of your own : how women succeed in business


    • Goward, Pru


A business of your own : how women succeed in business

Pru Goward

Allen & Unwin, 2001

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A critic once said of Ginger Rogers, the acclaimed dance partner of Fred Astaire, "she did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels". Women in business, either as owners or as managers, would fully agree. Women in business today face an array of challenges specific to their gender. Often trying to balance family and household responsibilities, social expectations and upbringing - and not least, their own desire to succeed - they strive to combine their roles not only as business managers and owners, but as partners, wives and mothers as well. This is the story of 32 of Australia's most successful business women, all recognized as category winners in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards. In their own words, these talented women share their personal stories of perseverance, struggle, passion and good management which helped them on the often difficult journey to business success - and recognition. Through their achievements, these women describe the different strategies they implemented to overcome some of the hurdles facing women in business, from the lack of established business networks, to difficulties getting finance, re-entering the workforce after a period of leave or a maternity break, and lack of management experience. Their personal stories will inspire and often sadden, and their advice on business planning, mentoring, surviving the first 12 months and getting over their mistakes is honest and practical. Setbacks and difficulties can happen to any aspiring business woman; this book tells you how they managed their way around them and generally emerged the better for it.


Introduction1. Profiles2. Growing up3. The challenge of life4. Work experience and the role of mentors5. Love and marriage6. Taking a chance7. Getting started8. Learning the business9. Challenges along the way10. The secrets of staff11. In conclusion

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