The age of the dictators : a study of the European dictatorships, 1918-53


The age of the dictators : a study of the European dictatorships, 1918-53

David G. Williamson

Pearson/Longman, 2007

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The Age of the Dictators presents a comprehensive survey of the origins and interrelationship of the European dictatorships. All the regimes are addressed, with ample coverage of the period 1939-45, and analysis of the Soviet government up to Stalin's death in 1953. Exploring their ideological and political roots, and the role of the First World War in their rise to power, David Williams identifies the dictatorships as products of their time. He examines the Soviet, Italian Fascist and Nazi dictatorships, as well as the authoritarian regimes in Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, providing an analysis of each as an entity, of how they evolved and related to one another, and to what extent they were a common response to life after the First World War. Mindful of historiographical issues, the textbook attends to the arguments of key historians, and includes a list of relevant sources to assist students in their study of the period. Combining an accessible, succinct writing style with a broad historical scope, The Age of the Dictators is an illuminating and thorough account of a fascinating period in world history.


1. Seedbed of the Dictatorships 2. The Victory of Leninism 3. Establishment of Mussolini's Dictatorship in Italy, 1919-1929 4. Beleagured Democracy in Germany, 1919-1929 5. Dictatorships in the Iberian Peninsula and the Successor States 6. Assessment of European Dictatorships in the 1920s 7. The Rise of Hitler and the 3rd Reich, 1930-1939 8. Stalinist Russia, 1930-1941 9. Italian Fascism in the 1930s 10. The Rise of General Franco 11. Authoritarian Regimes During the High Noon of Fascism 12. Dictatorships in the 1930s: An Assessment 13. Nazism at War 14. Collapse of Italian Fascism 15. Triumph of Stalinism, 1941-1953 16. Spain and Portugal: Dictatorships that Survived, 1940-1953 17. Conclusion Glossary Who's Who Bibliography Index

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