Under the influence : questioning the comparative in medieval Castile



Under the influence : questioning the comparative in medieval Castile

edited by Cynthia Robinson and Leyla Rouhi

(The medieval and early modern Iberian world, v. 22)

Brill, 2005

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This volume of essays considers specific examples of literature and art in medieval Castile, problematizing the idea of comparative methodology when studying the cultural production of a place with such an intensely multi-linguistic and multi-religious profile. Contributions have been solicited from an equal number of specialists in the art and literature of the medieval Iberian peninsula, with each essay highlighting the ways in which stable categories of genre or style are ultimately inadequate to a full and nuanced reading of cultural products which in some sense 'belong' to, or address, more that one of medieval Iberia's 'classic three,' Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultural entities. Contributors: Ana Echevarria ; Heather Ecker ; Maria Judith Feliciano; Luis M. Giron-Negron ; Gregory S. Hutcheson; Gregory B. Kaplan ; Benjamin Liu ; Francisco Prado-Vilar ; Cynthia Robinson ; Leyla Rouhi ; Louise O. Vasvari.


List of Contributors List of Illustrations Editor's Introduction WITHIN A Fifteenth-Century Salamancan's Pursuit of Islamic Studies - Leyla Rouhi Mandate From the Top: The Emperor's New Clothes. How to Administer a Conquered City in al-Andalus: Mosques, Parish Churches and Parishes - Heather Ecker The Gothic Anamorphic Gaze: Regarding the Worth of Others - Francisco Prado-Vilar Muslim Shrouds for Christian Kings? A Reassessment of Andalusi Textiles in Thirteenth-Century Castilian Life and Ritual - Maria Judith Feliciano Eschatology or Biography? Alfonso X, Muhammad's Ladder and a Jewish Go-Between - Ana Echevarria Friend "of" Foe: The Divided Loyalty of Alvar Fanez in the Poema de mio Cid - Gregory B. Kaplan Voices From the Bottom: Undressing for Good Love. "Non Ha Mala Palabra Si Non Es A Mal Tenida:" The Perverted Proverb in the El libro de buen amor - Louise O. Vasvari "Going Between: The Hadith Bayad wa Riyad and the Contested Identity of the `Ajouz in 13th-Century Iberia" - Cynthia Robinson How the Go-Between cut Her Nose: Two Ibero-Medieval Translations of a Kalilah Wa Dimnah Story - Luis M. Giron-Negron Garoza's Gaze: Female Sexual Agency in El libro de buen amor - Gregory S. Hutcheson WITHOUT The Mongol in the Text - Benjamin Liu Index

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